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Highlights of the Department

  • Students secure good ranks in Patna University. 6-9 girls are among the top ten in Patna University Exams.
  • Organizes students activities on a regular basis under the banner of Environment Conservation Outreach (ECO) task force.
  • Completed one UGC Major Project and two Minor Projects.


Enrollment and oath taking by new members of ECO Task Force on the occasion of ozone day 2021. 192 students were enrolled

Zoology Department organized bird nest making contest. Nests will be put up on the campus on 16.9.21

On the occasion of Founders Day of Patna Women’s College, ECO Task Force organised a Tree Plantation Programme in its campus. Saplings of Mango, Jamun, Litchi. Cashew, Chikoo, Lemon, Papaya, Jack fruit, Drumticks, Anar, Hershringar, Mentha etc. were planted by the teachers of Department of Zoology, PWC in the campus.The programme was organised by Dr. Shahla Yasmin, Vice President, ECO Task Force and Dean of Science faculty. The teachers present were Dr. Shobha Shrivastava, Dr. Sister Stuti AC, Dr. Sapna Kumari, Mr. Sumeet Ranjan and Mr. Rajiv Ranjan. Few ECO members and all the non-teaching staff members of Science Departments attended the Tree Plantation Programme.

74th Independence Day Celebration

Webinar News

The Department of Zoology, Patna Women’s College, Autonomous, Patna University, Patna organised an International Webinar on the Topic : Academic Career Trajectories for Biology Students on 11.06.20.

The Resource Person was Dr. Ankur Singh, Lecturer, Centre for Health Equity and Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Melbourne School Population and Global Health, Honorary(Fellow) Melbourne Dental School.

More than 200 students from various states of India actively participated in the Webinar. E-certificates were given to all the participants.

Dr. Sister Rashmi AC, Principal, Patna Women’s College,Autonomous addressed the participants of the Webinar. Prof.(Dr.) Shahla Yasmin, Head, Department of Zoology and Dean, Science Faculty, PWC introduced the Guest Speaker and the topic of the Webinar. Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Shobha Shrivastava, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology.

World Environment Day .

On the occasion of World Environment Day, (05.06.20) the ECO Task Force, Patna Women’s College , Autonomous, Patna University , organised a Speech Contest on the Theme : ‘Positive and Negative Impacts of Lockdown on Environment,The Prize Winners are:

Position Name Department
First Nishi Gupta BA
Second Prakriti Pandey Economics
Third Maneeshi Mani , Poorvi Gupta, Zoology , Sociology
Consolation Komal Kumari , Swati Singh Sociology , Zoology

On the occasion of World Environment Day, (05.06.20)the ECO Task Force, Patna Women’s College,Autonomous,Patna University, organised Poster Competition on the Theme : ‘Alternative to curb Plastic Pollution ‘.
86 students of various departments of PWC participated.
The Prize Winners are :

Position Name Department
First Tripti Chaurasia Mathematics
Second Urvi Swami Zoology
Third Nibha Singh Botany
Consolation Purnima , Tripti Choudhary Zoology , Microbiology

World Environment Day

  • Undergraduate students carry out research projects under the CPE and BSR schemes of UGC.
  • There are facilities for carrying out research for Ph.D.
  • Thrust areas for research are Ecotoxicology, Environment and Human Health and Histopathology.

PWC organized a DBT sponsored Guest Lecture on the Topic: ‘Water Crisis and its Conservation’ on 24.08.2019. The Speaker was Dr Gopal Sharma, Dy Director, ZSI, Patna, Bihar and Jharkhand.
Students of Botany, Chemistry, Geography and Zoology attended the Lecture.

Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Dr. Shahla Yasmin (HOD)
M.Sc, Ph.D
Ecology and Wildlife Science

Basic Information

Dr. Shobha Srivastava
M.Sc, Ph.D

Basic Information

Dr. Sister Stuti A.C.
M.Sc, Ph.D. Entomology and Vermitechnology

Basic Information

Dr. Sapna Kumari
M.Sc, Ph. D, CSIR- NET

Basic Information

Dr. Anupma Kumari
B.Sc, M. Sc., Ph.D

Basic Information

Mr. Sumeet Ranjan
M.Sc, Ph.D

Basic Information

Dr. Neetu
M.Sc, Ph.D

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Non Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Md. Kamaal

Basic Information

Mr. Dennis

Basic Information

Ms. Marcel