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Highlights of the Department

  • The Department conducts Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Add-on Courses in Applied Yoga.
  • The Department organized a UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Social, Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Euthanasia in January 2012, the proceedings of which have already been published.
  • Departmental activity like seminar quiz, speech contest, poster competition is held on a monthly basis.
  • Dr. Ameeta Jaiswal submitted a minor project on “The Ethical The perspective of Euthanasia, the views of Medical Practitioners in Bihar in 2012″, which has been published by Lap Lambert Publishing House, Germany.
  • The Department celebrated World Philosophy Day in November 2013 and January 2019 sponsored by ICPR New Delhi.
  • Philosophy is a student-friendly subject especially because of its syllabus.
  • It is a scoring subject for Civil Services Examinations.
  • For the main exam of UPSC and the different States Public Service Commission, there is one compulsory paper of 300 marks on Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude. Ethics is an important branch of Philosophy.
  • Logical reasoning is also an important part of competitive exams which is taught in Philosophy.
  • Philosophy teaches values which is necessary for the upliftment of the society.
  • Indian philosophy has its roots in the Vedas and the Upanishads by studying which the student will become acquainted with the culture of india.
  • Contemporary Philosophy critical studies the social and political problems thereby providing the right direction to them.
  • In all the IITs and NITs there is a Humanities Department. Philosophy is a subject to be studied there.
  • In the IIMS there is a compulsory paper on Value Studies and Ethics.
  • In B. Ed. as well as in Teacher’s Training Classes Educational Philosophy is taught as an important paper.
  • Philosophy is a good subject for higher studies and research.
  • Two teachers of the department Dr. Kumkum Rani and Dr. Keerti Choudhary were awarded minor research projects by the UGC in March 2015 which they have successfully submitted.
  • Teachers of the department regularly publish articles in newspapers, journals, Magazines. Some have even published books.
  • Guest lectures on “Ethics and Values” or “Importance of Philosophy in Life” are also held in the department.
  • Parent-Teacher meet is also regularly held in the department.
  • Students of the department regularly engage themselves in CPE Research Projects on important social and political issues, from Philosophical Perspective.
  • Students of the department are also rank holders in the University.


Department of Philosophy organized Parent Teacher Meet on 25th September ,2021 at 11am. 27 students joined with their parents. The teachers discussed the vision, mission and core values of the college, the role of parents and the expectation from students. There was an interactive session with the parents also

A Value based personality class for Semester 5 was held on 22nd September, 2021 on the topic ‘Five Golden Rules for leading a Happy Life” facilitated by Dr Ameeta Jaiswal

An online value based personality glass on the life and teachings of Buddha was held for the students of Semester 3 facilitated by Dr. Keerti Chaudhary

An online value based personality class for Semester 1 was held on 22nd September, 2021 on the Value of Education facilitated by Dr. Kumkum Rani.A video was shown to the students and discussions were held.

Department of Philosophy is organizing Parent Teacher Meet for BA SEM 1
Date :25.09.2021
Time : 11am


Personality class for value education


The department of philosophy in collaboration with IQAC Patna Women’s College organised a National Webinar on the topic, ” Finding Calm in times of Chaos”

15 to 20 June 2021
The six days online workshop on Yoga for health and wellness concluded today.

The department of philosophy also organised a Speech competition on the topic “Relevance of Yoga Philosophy’

The department of philosophy in collaboration with Patna Women’s College Alumni Association inaugurated an online ICPR sponsored Workshop on “Yoga for health and wellness”

Yogic asanas were demonstrated from 7 to 8 am on 15 th of June and was attended by the teaching and non teaching staff of PWC. It was also streamed live on YouTube channel of the college

Celebrated World Environment Day and organised several activities like tree plantation, poster and slogan competition and speech contest on Environment Ethics

Dated on : 13th April,2021

A guest lecture on the topic “Environment concerns and Buddhism” was organized by the department of Philosophy, Patna Women’s College. The resource person Prof. Anand Singh, School of Buddhist studies, comparative religion and philosophy, Nalanda University, spoke on the Buddhist model for ecological protection and development. He showed how religious ideas of Buddhism like that co- existence and Non- violence can solve the present day ecological crisis. He said that monks in Thailand and elsewhere ordinated the trees to save them. He also said that the basic issue with ecological problems is population also. He emphasized on people changing their mindset to solve ecological problems by discarding the use of plastic bags, wastage of paper etc. The program was organized under the supervision of Dr. M.Rashmi A.C, Principal Patna Women’s College and Prof. Dr. Ameeta Jaiswal, Head Dept. Of Philosophy. It was also attended by the teachers of the dept. About 100 students also participated.

Slogan – Cum- Poster & Poetry Competition

Students of Philosophy department attended Prarambh

The Department of Philosophy Organized A pac Fogsi Initiative

The Department of Philosophy conducted online quiz competition for the students of 2nd and 4th Semester on 24.05.2020.

The teachers of the dept. of philosophy attended an International Webinar on Apad-Dharma:Moral Imperative & Covid 19, organized by Dept. of Philosophy, DAV PG College,
Varanasi, Affiliated to BHU (Under the UGC quality mandate notification)

The teachers of the dept. of philosophy attended an International Webinar organized by Institute of Home Science, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra On ” Nurturing physical, mental & social health: During & Post Covid- 19

leadership webinar by dept. of philosophy student

webinar attended by Dept. of Philosophy students

The dept of Philosophy organized a Speech Contest on the topic,”Women in Philosophy” as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day.

Department of philosophy organised poster making competition on the topic JAL jeevan hariyali on 3rd march 20

The Dept. Of Philosophy celebrated Surya Namaskar Day on 14th Feb. 2020 to mark the importance of the asanas of Surya Namaskar in one’s life. Fifty students perform twelve steps of Surya Namaskar like pranamasana, Ashwa Sanchalasana, Dandasana, Ashtanga Namaskar , Hasta padasana etc. under the guidance of Dr. Ameeta Jaiswal, Associate prof. & Head, Dept. Of Philosophy and the yoga instructor Ms. Mitu Kumari. The teachers of the dept. Dr. Kumkum Rani, Ms. Shyam Priya were also present.

Swami Vevekananda Jayanti event organized by the Deptt of Philosophy

The department of philosophy organized a debate competition on the topic Surrogacy. Total no. of students participated – 7. Three were for the motion where 4 against. 10min. were given to each students. Dr. Keerti choudhary & Miss. Shyam Priya were the judges. Dr. Ameeta Jaiswal (H.O.D, Dept. of Philosophy, PWC) & Dr. Kumkum Rani were present in the debate. First prize went to Rajshree, 2nd prize went to Fatima Naaz and 3rd prize went to Pragya Bhargav and Deeksha Keshari.

The Alumni Association of patna Women’s college celebrated diwali with children of the slum studying at the PWC literacy centre run by ICWA and distributed sweets and diya to them

Parent-Teacher Meet, Event Organized by Department of Philosophy

Slogan cum Poster and Patriotic Song Competition

Mehndi competition

Fifth International Yoga Day

On 21st June the fifth International Day of Yoga was celebrated at Patna Women’s College under the guidance of the Principal, Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C. Explaining the importance of Yoga, the Principal said that Yoga is not merely confined to the performance of Asana and Pranayama, but leads to the all round development of one’s personality . About 40 students from applied yoga course and NSS participated in the events.

Top College in Patna | Yoga Day
Best College in Patna | Yoga Day
Top College in Patna | Yoga Day
Best College in Patna | Yoga Day
Top College in Patna | Yoga Day
Best College in Patna | Yoga Day


Yoga Day

On 22nd May NSS Patna Women’s College Unit Organized a programme on demonstration on Yogic Asanas and Pranayams to create awareness among the NSS Volunteers regarding the importance of Yoga in their life.

No. Of Students participated : 60

Celebrating World Philosophy Day

ICPR Sponsored Workshop


‘Applied Ethics’

on 30.01.2019

A Workshop on ‘Applied Ethics’was organized by the Department of Philosophy, Patna Women’s College, sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), New Delhi on 30-01-2019 from 10:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M. Teachers and students of Philosophy as well as from other subjects participated in the programme. About 67 students and 41 teachers were registered.

The workshop began with the lightening of the lamp. The students welcomed the resource persons and the participants with a ‘Welcome song- Swagatam hai aapka.’

Top College in Patna | Celebrating World Philosophy Day

Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C., Principal, Patna Women’s College gave the welcome address. She emphasized on the importance of Ethics in daily life. More than merely knowing the ethics, it is imperative to apply ethics to face the challenges of modern life.

Best College in Patna | Celebrating World Philosophy Day

Prof. Ameeta Jaiswal, Head, Department of Philosophy, Patna Women’s College gave the inaugural address. She welcomed the resource persons and the participants. She elaborated on the need of Applied Ethics in the present perspective. She said that in this workshop, the nature, method and limitations of Applied Ethics shall be discussed and a moral discourse on some social issues will be held in order to support the existing value system. She mentioned that in contrast to traditional ethical theories, a new post modern morality emerged to support and express the trends of post modernism like multiplicity, diversity and relativity. It is important to investigate the relation of theoretical ethics to applied ethics, so that the moral application of ethical theories can be attained.

Top College in Patna | Celebrating World Philosophy Day

The first lecture was by Prof. R.C. Sinha, Retired Professor and Head, P.G. Department of Philosophy, Patna University and Member ICPR, New Delhi. At present he is the chairman of ICPR. He spoked mainly on Subaltern morality which is a new trend in Applied Ethics. He also emphasized on the importance of context which is situational ethics.

Best College in Patna | Celebrating World Philosophy Day

The second lecture was by Prof. Neelima Sinha,Prof. P G Dept. of Philosophy Magadh University, Dean- Humanities Magadh University and Ex- Vice- Chancellor of K.S.D.S University, Darbhanga. She discussed on “Issues in Applied Ethics” and distinguished between Normative Ethics and Applied Ethics. She elaborated on the dimensions of applied ethics and the challenges that have emerged in modern times due to advancements of science & technology.

Top College in Patna | Celebrating World Philosophy Day

The third speaker was Dr. Abha Singh, Professor, P.G. Department of Philosophy, A.N. College, Patliputra University, Patna. She explained about the different dimensions of Indian Ethics; how have Ethics been explained in Indian Philosophy and how it heavily relies upon authority i.e. Vedas and Upanishads. She also elaborated about “Subjective & Objective Morality” in Indian Ethics. On the question of the justification of Ethics that why be moral, she answered that Man himself is the justification.

The papers of the resource persons are enclosed.

All the three sessions were very interactive. Two competitions were also organized by the Department- Essay Competition on Media Ethics& Poster Competition on Environmental Ethics. About 20 students participated in the competitions.

The feedback was given by-

  • 2 Teachers:
    1. Dr. Smita Kumari, Head, Deptt. of Sanskrit, PWC.
    2. Dr. Shruti Narain, Asst. Prof., Deptt. of Psychology, PWC.

Dr. Smita Kumari said that this workshop enlightened the participants on the code of ethics depicted in ancient Indian literature. Indian system paid great emphasis to development of ethical code of conduct known as Dharma. Learning through practice was the essence of the Vedas and Ethical principles could be seen in the lives of the people and their various practices.

Dr. Shruti Narain said that it was a very fruitful workshop in the present social context .The speakers were too good and gave indepth and up-to-date overview of applied ethics. Many new concepts like subaltern ethics and revisiting the vedic perspective was interesting.

  • 3 Students:
    1. Alok Prabhat
    2. Neha Kumari
    3. Hemant

They were of the opinion that the workshop was very informative and the method of delivery was so easy to receive. They appreciated the insight that was provided in the workshop. They said that the workshop was very useful and it taught them the importance of ethics in their daily life. By applyling the principles of ethics in their day to day life they can navigate the grey area between absolute right and morally wrong.

Prize distribution was done by Dr. Kumkum Rani, Faculty Member, Deptt. of Philosophy, Patna Women’s College in the Valedictory Session.

Prize Winner (Poster Competition):

  1. Raushan Kumar, Patna College, P.U.
  2. Kajol Sikaria, Patna Women’s College, P.U.
  3. Abha Kumari, Magadh Mahila College, P.U.

(Essay Competition):

  1. Hadia Faisal, Magadh Mahila College, P.U.
  2. Rajshree Singh, Patna Women’s College, P.U.
  3. Priti Kumari, P.U.

Vote of Thanks was proposed by Dr. Keerti Chaudhary, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Patna Women’s College.

The workshop was a great success. Many teachers and students from different universities of Bihar participated in the workshop.

Celebrating World Philosophy Day

ICPR Sponsored Workshop


‘Applied Ethics’

on 30.01.2019

Organized by

The Department of Philosophy




3rd Cycle NAAC Accredited at ‘A’ Grade with CGPA 3.58/4

‘College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) status accorded by UGC

Venue : Carmel Hall

Date : 30.01.2019

Time : 10:30 a.m. – 04:00 p.m.

Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Dr. Ameeta Jaiswal(HOD)
M.A, Ph.D

Basic Information

Dr. Kumkum Rani
M. A, Ph.D

Basic Information

Dr. Keerti Chaudhary

Basic Information

Ms. Shyam Priya
Master of Arts (Philosophy),
Ph.D (pursuing)