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Home Science


Highlights of the Department

  • The Department of Home Science provides need-based education to girl students in the theory and practice to meet the day to day challenges of life. This would enable them to play diverse roles in life as a housewife, a working woman, a mother, a nation builder and a responsible and responsive human being.
  • Over the years our P.G students have won laurels and were the recipients of Gold Medals in the University examinations.
  • Research work is undertaken by the students at P.G and U.G levels under the supervision and guidance of the department staff.
  • A Health Centre was inaugurated in the year 2010. Health check-ups for the college staff and students are conducted periodically.
  • Department holds various Awareness Programmes /Interactive Sessions /Seminars for the staff and students on various health issues, first aid, disaster management and so on and many eminent doctors are invited to give input sessions.
  • National and International Days of importance-National Nutrition Week, First Aid  Day, Dietetic Day and so on, are marked with various programmes like quiz, exhibition, poster competition etc.
  • Teachers upgrade themselves by attending refresher courses /national -international seminars/symposium. They also present papers and publish an article in journals.

Two-Day National Webinar On Holistic Approach Towards Community Health
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Home Science student participation in the two day national webinar organized by psychology department

The teachers of P. G. Department of Home Science attended a National Webinar organised by “DDU Gorakhpur University” on “Traditional Indian Food Habits, Lifestyle and Immunity in Reference to Covid-19 Pandemic”.

A food fest was organised by the PG Department of Home Science on 28/02/2020 under the scheme of “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat”. 15 groups participated from Department of Political Science, Home Science, Philisophy, Psychology, Sociology, History, Commerce and CEMS in the food fest. Students prepared dishes of Mizoram and Tripura representing their food culture. All the dishes were prepared in the Food and Nutrition Lab of Home Science Department. This event was organised by Sister M. Tanisha AC., Head, PG Department of Home Science and in-charge was Dr. Rosy Kumari, Assistant Professor, P.G Department of Home Science. Dr. Punam Kumari, Associate Professor, MMC, Patna, Dr. Shalini, Assistant Regional Director, IGNOU, Patna and Ms. Jaya Mala, Incharge (Quality Control), Patna Dairy Project were the judges for the event. Code 06 (Priyamvada Singh – Psychology, Omni Pandey & Ishani Sinha – History) awarded first prize. Code 12 (Sneha Kumari, Rupam Sinha, Tanvi Singh – Home Science) awarded second prize. Code 1 (Anam Lakshmi, Bushra Fatma, Shreya – Home Science) and Code 08 (Tazeen Fatma, Shreya Tripathi, Palak – Psychology) shared the third prize. Dr. Sujata Jha, Dr. Shazia Husain, Dr. Suniti Bhagat and Dr. Sunita Kumari were present in the food fest.

P.G. Department of Home Science organised Parent Teacher Meet on 15/02/2020 with BA II & IV semester and MA II & IV semester in the department.

PG Department of Home Science in collaboration with Narayana Cancer Centre, Patna has organised a Health Talk on “Cancer Awareness” dated 03/02 /2020. Dr. Abhishek Anand, MD, DM, Cancer Specialist spoke on cancer, its causes and treatment. He told about foods which may cause cancer.

P.G. Department of Home Science organised a RUSA sponsored National Seminar on “Women in Contemporary India: Contexts and Possibilities” from 18-19th September 2019.

A creche for children was inaugurated in college premises on 20th September 2019.

Awareness Programme on HIV

A programme on HIV awareness was organised in the premises of Patna Women’s College by P.G Department of Home Science in collaboration with National Service Scheme (NSS). The programme focused on how HIV is transmitted from mother to child.

Dr. Avinash Kumar started the programme by highlighting how women are affected by AIDS, how one can prevent it, what precautions can be taken and what government schemes are run for preventive measures. He also said that everybody must know their HIV status by regular checkups.

Dr. Anshu asked the participant to spread awareness about free treatment under the Anti Retroviral treatment (ART) policy.

Dr. Alok Kumar encouraged students for blood donation and cleared myths related it asked student to donate blood four times in a year.

The resource person shared the AIDS helpline number 1097 with the students. They said if anybody is suffering from AIDS they can call for free treatment.

Members of Bihar State AIDS control society Dr. Abhay Prasad, Dr. Anshu, Mr. Alok Kumar, Mr. Ashish Kumar along with Head of the Department of the Home Science, Sister Tanisha A.C. and teachers Ms. Sunita Kumari, Dr. Rosy Kumari, Ms. Sujata Jha and Ms. Nisha Kumari were present.

Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Sister Maria Tanisha, A.C. (HOD) M.A

Basic Information

Dr. Shazia Husain

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Dr. Sujata Jha
M.A, Ph.D

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Dr. Suniti Bhagat
M.Sc. , Ph.D., NET

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Dr. Rosy Kumari
Ph.D, M.Sc.

Basic Information

Dr. Sunita Kumari
M.Sc, Ph.D
Food and Nutrition

Basic Information

Dr. Nisha Kumari
M.A, B.Ed, NET, Ph.D.