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Highlights of the Department

  • Regular Seminars and Group Discussions are held to enhance communication skills.
  • Academic evaluation of students by Terminal Examinations.
  • Monitoring of the student’s experimental skills by assignments.
  • Exposure trips to Industries and Research institutions, places of Botanical Interests.
  • Well equipped laboratories with advanced facilities.
  • Active participation in co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
  • Undergraduate Research under college with potential for Excellence and Basic Scientific Research scheme of UGC.
  • Departmental library with the recent edition of books and journals for reference.


Department of Botany organized a Working Model Competition in an offline mode on 27.09.2021 from 12:30 pm onwards in Room No. 306, Science Block. Ms Hena Naz was In charge of the activity. Ten working models were displayed including Archimedes Screw, Smart Projector, Cotton Candy Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Light Fidelity (li-fi) Project, Plastoscope, Sound Energy-based Power bank and others. Dr. Jaya Phillip (Head, Department of Microbiology), Dr. Jyotsna Kumari (Department of Chemistry) and Dr. Saurav (Department of Statistics) were the Judges. Plastoscope ranked 1st Position, Light Fidelity (li-fi) Project 2nd and Sound Energy-based Power bank got 3rd rank.

An online Parent Teacher meet was held for semester I students on 23/09/2021 from 09:15am to 10:45 am through LMS platform. 47 students out of 55 joined the meeting with their parents. The meeting started with a formal welcome speech by the Head of the Department Dr. Pinky Prasad. All the faculty members introduced themselves and welcomed the parents. The agenda of the meeting including Vision, mission and core values of the college, role of parents in the development of their wards and expectations from the students were discussed by Dr. Pinky Prasad, Dr. Urvashi Sinha and Dr. Anjana Verma, respectively. A short video and ppt. were also shared highlighting departmental profile. It was followed by an interactive session with the parents and the students.

A value based personality class on the theme; “Self respect and Self control” was held for the students of Semester V, in an offline mode on 22/09/2021 at 11.30 am in Room No.317. Based on day to day life incidents and situations, the students were imparted the skill to develop self respect for themselves. They were also asked to write their opinion on the different ways to develop self control. Through this session the students learned never to begrudge themselves, always to have confidence in their potential and by developing self respect and self control values they can easily sail through their daily challenges and insecurities of life.

Department of Botany conducted a virtual Value based Personality Development class on the theme
The class was facilitated by Dr Shilpi Kiran on 25.08.2021 at 3:00 pm on Zoom platform.

Background : Our society and country is facing innumerable social and environmental challenges. We do talk and debate on these problems but merely talking about problem won’t work unless we look for solution and be part of that solution rather being part of problem.
Today’s class was focused on to bring difference to build Suvarna Bharat with its billion inspired citizens answers to the question ‘Can I make change?’

Students’ response : Students actively participated and put their views on being part of solution, instances when they get inspired by their surroundings or what change they want to bring by inspiring others.

Some of the initiatives suggested by students to inspire others: Reduce use of household plastics by buying big packets at once rather small pouches of shampoos, masalas, etc.; composting household organics wastes by themselves at home.

Department of Botany organized a virtual Rakhi Display Competition using Waste Materials on the theme ‘Protect your Surrounding/ Environment/Nature ‘ on 18.08.21 on Zoom platform from 3:00 pm onwards.

Department of Botany organized an online Poster Presentation Competition on 12.08.21 from 3:00 pm onwards.

Department of Botany, Patna Women’s College (Autonomous), Patna organized a virtual workshop on “Soil-less Organic Farming”, under the aegis of Star College Scheme of Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India on 9th March 2021 on Zoom Platform. Mr. Md Jawaid Alam, Coordinator, Nature Club of India, Patna was the Resource Person.

Freshers’ day was celebrated on February 15, 2021 in Botany department to officially welcome Botany Hons students (2020-2023). Students showcased their talents with mood refreshing dance performances, songs , poems and skit. Celebration ended with National Anthem.
Ms. Papita Dey Biswas, Cultural Cordinator and Dr. Sushmita Choubey, Dept of Hindi, Patna Women’s College were the guests for the occassion.

An online Guest Lecture was organized by the department of Botany on the topic “Production and Quality Control of Biofertilizers: An Overview” on 09.07.2021 from 3:00 pm onwards. Dr Tanuja, Asso Professor, University PG Department of Botany, PPU, Patna was the Resource Person.

Department of Botany conducted an online session on value based education class on the topic – Imparting moral values to the students. It was followed by an interactive session. The class was facilitated by Dr. Piyush Kumar Rai on 3rd July 2021, at 1:30 pm through LMS Portal.

Offline BoS meeting held on Date is 02.07.21 from 11:00 am onwards in the department of Botany.

Celebrated World Environment Day (05.06.21) through Pot Crafting.
Click here to see the Video

An Online Guest lecture by Prof M P Trivedi, PG Head, department of Botany, Patna University is being organised by the department of Botany, Patna Women’s College on 21.08.2020.

Online class test for Botany Core Course Sem IV students conducted on 07.06.2020 at 11:00 am- 12:30 pm.

leadership webinar by dept. of botany student.

Department of Botany organized a Placard Competition on the theme “Jal Jeevan Hariyali” on 03.03.2020. Botany Hons Semester II students participated in the competition.

The department of Botany organized an Industrial visit to Sudha Dairy, Patna under Star College Scheme of DBT on 10.02.2020 for Botany Honours I yr students..

The department of Botany organized an Educational trip to Botanical Garden, Patna on 04.02.2020 ‘under Star College Scheme of DBT’ for Botany Honours II yr students for Green Audit and Soil analysis.

The department of Botany organized Parent Teacher Meet on 01.02.2020 for Botany Honours III yr students.

The department of Botany organized a Working Model Exhibition Cum Competition on “Non Conventional Energy Sources” under Star College Scheme of DBT on 29.01.2020. A total of 10 working models were prepared by Botany Hons first year students that included Firefighting System, Hydraulic bridge, Swing bridge, Sewage plant, Smart stick, Earthquake sensor, Unmanned railway crossing, Hydraulic amazing tracks, Smog absorber and Light fidelity.

The Judges were Dr Shahla Yasmin, Head, Department of Zoology, Dr Amrita, Asst. Prof., Department of Physics and Dr Vijay Kumar, Asst. Prof., Department of Statistics.

DBT sponsored Guest Lecture under Star College Scheme on “ SPECIATION IN HIGHER PLANTS” organized by the department of BOTANY on 12:10:2019.
Resource Person- PROF. M. P. TRIVEDI, Head, Department of Botany, Patna Science College, P. U.

Guest Lecture on the Topic: “Scientific approach for conservation of drug yielding plants
for everybody’s use” By : Prof.Jainendra Kumar Former Dean, Science, Magadh University. Organized by department of Botany.

A Workshop on “Hydroponics “ organised by the Department of Botany on 06.03.2019.
Resource Person: Md Jawaid Alam, Coordinator, Nature Club of India, Patna

Speech contest on the topic “Has Technology detached us from the Society” – 2019

Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Dr. Pinky Prasad (HOD)
Plant Pathology

Basic Information

Ms. Hena Naz

Basic Information

Dr. Piyush Kumar Rai
Ph.D, M.Sc

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Dr. Urvashi Sinha

Ph.D, M.Sc

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BET, PhD, M.Sc.

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Dr. Shilpi Kiran
M.Sc. (Gold Medalist),
NET, Ph.D.

Non Teaching Staff

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Ms.Rita Xalxo

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Mr. Aditya Kumar Roy

Basic Information

Mr. Shyam Babu